Today I want to share with you five powerful steps to claim your power back right now!

1. Except What You Cannot Control


It sounds so simple yet so many people try to control things around them that they cannot.
Things that are out of your hands, things you can’t possibly control..

You try so hard to control your own life and so you should!

However all other human beings around you, are out of bounds..


Friends, partner,sister, brother, family you cannot control what they are choosing to bring to their world as close as you may feel it is affecting you.

You can however control what impact they have on you!

The sooner you except what you cannot control and spend your days focusing on what you can your world will become brighter.

Control how you act and respond to the situations around others, But DO NOT try and control them or their situation…

2. Think Positive Thoughts On Purpose


You will need to practice this training daily for it to produce results.

For so many they allow the negative thoughts to take over the way they think and feel.

We have thousands and thousands of thoughts per day going through our mind and it’s up to us as the individual to control our thoughts and to direct them in a positive way.

This can be really challenging in the beginning as we live in such a negative world.

We have to focus at all times in seeing the beauty, and create a positive world, a happy place you want to live in.

Let me ask you this…..

If you’re right handed do you think it’s possible to learn to write with your left hand?

Of course it is, like anything practice and repetition, creating new thought patterns is just the same J

Start with daily gratitude and meditation when you write a small list of 10 things your  grateful for that you already have in your life you can only smile.

Trust me it works every time….

This is the perfect start for you to think positive thoughts on purpose…



3. You Become What You Think About


You become what you think about and what you think most about you get.

Am I making this clear?

If you think negative and feel negative your whole day can snowball into negativity and depression.

Ever had one of those days, you just can’t shift your mood?

Your day goes from bad to worse?

Or you’re focusing on all the shite in your life and what keeps happening??

You keep getting more shite!

So doesn’t make sense to spend more time thinking about what you do want to become instead of what you don’t?

Think thoughts of what you want more of?

You become what you think about to make sure you’re thinking of becoming something spectacular…


4. Your thoughts affect your feelings

Are you understanding the power of what we are sharing hear your thoughts affect your feelings so you have to manage your thoughts and feelings.

Doing things that keep your mind and body and soul in balance will help you to stay thinking positive thoughts and help you to feel healthy vibrant and happy…

Seriously manage your thoughts and your feelings will look after themselves try it!!


5. Action Brings Results!

Now as you know I am very passionate about the lava traction and the magic of the universe providing for all we need.

However nothing is given to you on a silver plate without taking action.

Although it doesn’t have to be that hard when we say take action trust that the universe will guide you down the easiest path to make your dreams come true.

Trust that the universe will meet you halfway but won’t do all the work for you.

However trust that the universe always has your back and the first thing you need to do is make the decision and take the action and the universe will meet you halfway.


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Much Love Claire x

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