1. Expect It!

Whatever it is you’re wanting to manifest into your world you have to expect it! With unshakable belief that you can absolutely have it. Where most people go wrong they actually doubt themselves, they may send their intention and request the holiday, the money, the new job, yet inside they don’t feel worthy or they don’t really think they can receive it. So the universe grants that wish and it’s not received, sounds a bit wishy-washy right, but it’s true. If you don’t believe you can have it, you won’t get it! This is really the difference between the 5% and the 95% of success out there, the 5% go out there chase their dreams and absolutely know they are going to achieve them. They EXPECT to have the results that they’re working for, and so they receive, it is that simple EXPECT IT !

2.  Ask But Do Not Beg

What do I mean?

There is a difference between asking the universe or your religious creator to provide for you, and there is a difference within your asking or prayer if you sound like you are begging…


Please Please Please let me get this job Please Please Please send me some unexpected money When you are asking this way,  you are coming from a place of lack, you are coming from a place of begging, and so your vibration is coming from a negative state of not having enough and being needy.   However when you come from a place of asking with the intent of receiving there is a different vibration involved,


Thank you for this wonderful holiday you have gifted me, thank you for the opportunity to work this new job that came my way,  I’m so grateful for all you are providing to me and my family,  life is wonderful I am filled with gratitude…

3. Gratitude In The Present

Which leads me onto gratitude and giving thanks as if being in the present moment. When saying thank you and being grateful for the holiday you are requesting, give thanks as though you’re already in that moment.

“Thank you for this beautiful holiday I am on with my wonderful family, thank you for the sunlight shining on my face, thank you for the happy smiles on my children’s faces,  thank you for the abundance of money that allowed us to take the trip, we are all having the time of our life, giggling laughing and playing on the beach, thank you so much for this wonderful trip “… make sense??

4. The Power Of I Am

Nothing more powerful than the two words I AM, whatever it is you’re aiming to manifest whether it is the new job, the holiday or the income, The extra money. Affirmations are so powerful when you speak in the present tense! I am in the new position in my new job, I am a great team leader, I am loved by my working colleagues, I am on the train enjoying the journey to work and back, I am overjoyed with the pay rise in my new position I AM, IAM, IAM !

5. Feel It With Emotions

Feeling yourself into the situation with your emotions is another powerful Law of Attraction manifestation technique. When you can feel the emotions of already having it,  this is the depth of manifesting like a true rock star. How good does it feel to be in that new position at work? How good does it feel to have the unexpected $10,000 cheque? How good does it feel to be on that holiday to be taking off on the airplane in that business class seat? Seriously step in to the feelings and the emotions of what it is you want without hesitation or lack that it’s not there,  you need to feel and act like you already have it! Close your eyes try it, visualise and take yourself there…..

Much Love Claire x

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