1.What Are The Trends And Latest News In Your Industry?

If you’re new to the online space and you are not yet the expert in your field or industry then do some homework do some research on the latest news and trends in your industry, Then and go and create content around those topics.

2. Official Blogs

If you don’t yet have your own blog or a platform where you are creating content feel free to use your industry association blogs.


If you are a teacher use the teachers Federation blogs and articles
If you are in coaching use the I CF official blogs and articles
If you are in health and fitness use health and fitness blogs and articles from your industry legal association website

However don’t share content from other leaders in your industry,  or use their blogs as your posts as that traffic and your clients will be directed towards them….

3. Study Your Audience and Their Needs

Do your research ask questions and create content around that. You can use survey forms from websites like survey monkey and type form.

You can create forms to gather feedback from your ideal client, post these forms and ask for help inappropriate Facebook groups.

However don’t just ask anybody ask in the group, ask for people that fit your ideal client and kindly ask them to complete it,  maybe offer a small gift in return for their time.

Here you will make the opportunity to create a relationship and possibly exchange an email and contact details

From the answers on the forms, create great content around your audience needs and share back to them..

4. The Four E’S  Of Social Media

Anytime you post content or create content for your industry make sure it ticks one of these four boxes..


Make sure your posts and content at all times are coming under one of these topics. Ask yourself is this content empowering is this content engaging is this content entertaining or is this content educating my ideal client?

5.Question it !

Question your content before you create it you have an idea, ask yourself will this content help my audience?

Am I providing value to my audience with this content?

And Lastly…


Do not post about politics or religion whatever is going on in the news of our crazy world!

It usually is not valuable content it’s just an opinion and this quite often can cause online arguments! Save your debates and discussions about politics and religion for behind closed doors with your nearest and dearest.

Hope you enjoyed your content creation ideas!

Much Love Claire x

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