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” You’re daily manifestation guide to success…”


My daily manifestation guide to success is taking positive daily actions to raise your vibration & attract what you truly desire. This is a simple process I like follow each & every morning, a bit like a miracle morning, Setting yourself up for success is owning your morning…

Using the Law of Attraction, Repetition, visualizations, manifestations and raising your vibration at all levels, you will become a natural at not only creating more magic and wonder into your life, but living life on your terms, with happiness, ease balance and

They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit that along with repetition and all the goodness inside this guide, be prepared to see opportunities arrive, unexpected gifts from the universe as your journey to abundance unfolds xx…

(Of course there’s no need to stop at 21 days you can always reprint this guide, it’s an ongoing journey, and with all the fun that’s coming your way, why would you stop x..)

There are many versions out there of how to set intention for the day, start your day with a miracle morning, affirmations, daily mantra’s, visualizations, Just to name a few!

With this manual, I have helped you set a morning just like the one that works for me!

As a busy Mum, I never got chance to focus like this much before, Until I decided to set my
alarm an hour earlier in the morning before my daughter woke up!

The first of my simple choices to create change was to sleep earlier & wake earlier.

Creating time instead of excuses for my miracle morning routine!

Wow…………..the changes in my life have been incredible….

I’m wishing you some life-changing abundance too, create a miracle morning and set your day fullof intentions for success x….

Much Love Claire x

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