The Abundance Cheque….


When was the last time you written yourself a cheque and wrote the amount on that exceeded your monthly salary?

To create Money In Abundance?

When was the last time you set your intentions financially and truly believed that the universe would hand it to you?

You see not many people believe that’s even possible, however if you go back to a story from the famous actor Jim Carrey he actually written himself a cheque for his acting services and kept inside his wallet for 10 years !

Then of course he was paid the amount of $10 million for his acting services in the movie Dumber & Dumber!

He believed Money In Abundance was possible using the Law Of Attraction….

This powerful Law of Attraction process of writing yourself an abundance cheque is one of many law of attraction exercises that you can use to bring wealth into your life.

You see there is several ways the law of attraction works being visualization, manifestations and repetition. Also feelings what we like to call raising your vibration to a level where you are filled with so much gratitude, you can attract anything your heart desires, including Money In Abundance!

Manifestations of financial wins and health are the most popular requests to the universe that people ask however so many try for a little while and then give up….

You see so many expect to see the physical dollars come in the lump sum instantly! Sometimes it doesn’t quite work like that!

Maybe the universe sends a little gift first to see if you’re grateful or not?

Let me give you an example if you write a cheque to yourself for $1000 and put a date on for 14 days’ time you may not see $1000 win on the lottery ticket in one chunk or you may receive $1000 in full….

However………..You need to be aware of the different forms that money will come to you, You may receive a combination of a $200 refund from a telephone bill, you may receive 25% discount off the hundred dollar pair of shoes you were looking at and you may get a small expected check in the mail.

You may get an invitation of some sort where the money can be created however when you see the small wins e.g. you win $29 on a lottery ticket you have to be so grateful that you won that and not be disappointed that it was a small amount….


I see so many people make a joke I won the lottery today, when you ask how much?

Oh JUST $29 they’d reply ……and the disappointment with absolutely no gratitude is rightthere!


What would you do if you was the universe?

I would take my money in abundance gift to somebody else that appreciates it, would you?


Now it;s your turn…….

I offer you this cheque of money in abundance today, where you can go and write down the amount you choose and date it to yourself…


How much do you want to earn in your new business venture in the next 6 months?

What unexpected gift of money in abundance would you like to recieve?

And just watch over the coming weeks and months leading up to the date on the cheque what happens!

Make a list of all the unexpected wins and gifts of financial gains that come your way and if you do get that thousand dollars in one hit then congratulations!

However write your cheque for more…. go on I dare you x..


Write a $10,000 cheque and share the excitement with me when the universe starts to provide this money in abundance to you…


(Right Click On the Cheque image above to save & print) …


Oh and just one last thing, You need you to pop it in your purse where you can see it every single day!

I want you to feel it I want to touch it visualize how you would spend $10,000 and put every ounce of feeling into receiving it x…..

It’s that simple! Trust me…



Much Love Claire x

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