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Take The Leap Now Group Rules:

By being part of this group you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. If you don’t agree please delete yourself from the group.

I created this group to support women getting started in business in the online world.
Stepping out for the first time with their new ventures, it could be coaching, consulting, home business, professional services or branding of themselves.

Probably working their way through the overwhelm that comes with starting out on social media business, gaining confidence and linking arms together.

Some are even frozen and don’t know where to start, they are determined to take the leap now, and make their dreams become reality…..

Being an Online Business & Mindset Coach, qualified in Law Of Attraction I have many years of experience helping others grow in business and branding themselves, I decided to create a group completely FREE of charge to pour some love into others and to help you get motivated x..

This is a safe place for people interested in Facebook & online business for beginners, as you grow you will become advanced and as also come together and help each other, with your contribution to the group.

If you love manifesting and Law of Attraction work things are going to get exciting x

Types of posts appreciated here: 

-Tips, Techniques, Templates, Tools and Motivation regarding Women and Business.

-Questions. All questions related to growth, business, tools, marketing, sales etc. are welcome here. We are here to support each other the best we can.

1. No promos/sales except for on the Super Saturday Offer thread. This rule is in place because the group is very active and if everyone was posting promos every day people’s questions would not be seen. Be sure to check out each other’s promos on the Saturday thread.

Definition of promo: 

– selling anything (product, services, course, training, program)
– promoting a webinar or live training event
– posting a link to your OWN or others trainers website.  
– posting links to your social media profiles (FB, Twitter, IG, YouTube, etc.) or posting your “handle” unless someone directly asks for it. I keep social media links on specific posts which I do from time to time.
– posting any images or photos that have your website URL, your business name/logo, or using your business-related       hashtags on them
– linking to a personal blog post or video directly on the main wall
– posting links to your YouTube Channel or videos that promote you/your business
– posting directly from your business page into the group 
– asking people to message you for more info on something
– posts that read ‘Ask me anything about XYZ’ or the ‘I’m free for the next XX minutes to answer questions about XYZ’ or any other similar variations

Basically if it feels like a promo then it is a promo

(Personal links are allowed on the Super Saturday Offer Post & Day’s where we honour your promotions)


—> No promoting of other Training whether that is online or in person. If you have a Training coming up please ask me for permission first. I decide if the Training can be advertised.

—> No promoting of other Facebook groups or any other groups outside of “Take the Leap Now” is allowed.

—> No messaging members of the group if they didn’t address you in the group first. No spamming each other in personal Facebook messages. If you do this you will deleted and banned permanently from the group. No second chances. (If anyone is reaching out to you for self-promotion please let me know)

—> No posting affiliate links to get people to sign up in other programs or platforms (no affiliate links are allowed in this group at all. Turns out if something goes sour I can end up getting in trouble for it! Good thing my lawyer let me know this!

2. Be nice. If you are the opposite, I’ll kick you out. No second chances.

This is a place for helping others. Not criticising. So think before you comment.
Ask yourself ‘Is this comment going to support the original poster and help them grow?’

3. Give genuine feedback to others. We are here to help each other grow our businesses, and remember everyone has to start somewhere! BE KIND AT ALL TIMES X

4. Posting links to personal blog posts and video in the COMMENTS of someone’s thread is okay. If someone asks a question and you have content that can help them, feel free to comment with any links you’d like. This is great with YouTube tutorials. If someone asks a question go ahead and post a video with the answer in the comments on their question. However, don’t be sneaky and post your link in a comment if it doesn’t relate to the posters question.

5. No creating or uploading new documents in the group. Any documents/files not created or uploaded by me or my team will be deleted. If you have a document you may feel will help the group send it to admin for approval first x…

6. What happens in “Take the Leap Now Tribe” STAYS in the Tribe? Please do not copy or share any content posted in the group without prior consent from the original poster. I want this group to be a safe place for people to vent, cry, and share struggles.  Let’s help each other the best we can.

Also, if someone posts information that is intimate and personal, let’s show love and compassion and support for people when they are overwhelmed and frustrated.

Being a Female entrepreneur is not always sunshine & rainbows. There are down times too. Let’s be gentle with each other during those times of need.
Lots of beginners here are looking for support, Show them care & respect…

7. Do not personal message any members of the group or email people spamming them after you find them in this group. Pitching to people in a private message will get your banned from the group. If someone reports you to me for doing something like this you will be banned immediately.

8. Please no asking questions for others to share links to other FB groups, or any other groups outside of The Take the Leap Now Tribe.

9. When sharing a” win” or “revelation” please do not post a link with your post. We love celebrating each other’s awesomeness but don’t make a winning post into a promo by adding a link. Thanks!

If you break the rules, I (Claire Carroll) or my team reserve the right to remove you as we see fit. 
 **Just a note: remember that this is a group where anyone can join who is interested growing as a female entrepreneur or is doing business online. Do not share content that is private.

I, Claire Carroll “Take the Leap Now Founder” am not responsible if someone steals a business idea from you. Just be mindful of what you are posting.

If I see that you have stolen an idea, a picture, re-posted or done whatever else with any of my pictures or posts or videos or content you will be banned. For good.

Please find inspiration in the group, gain ideas, BUT DO NOT COPY! X
Welcome and much love to you and your success,

Look forward to seeing your wins in the group

Claire xx…

MONDAY MINDSET & MARKETING – What are you struggling with the most right?
Let me create content to help you with your marketing & mindset…

 TAKE THE LEAP TUESDAY-  What will you conquer in your business TODAY?
This is an ACTION day to help you move forward…    Commit and TAKE THE LEAP NOW,

What have you been putting off in your business? Share with us below!

No more procrastination! X




If you took the Leap yesterday you certainly have something to celebrate today!
Let us know your win of the week x

 TOP TIP THURSDAY  – It’s your time to shine in the group, share any genius tips that are related to your business, it helps us understand how awesome you are !
Have you learnt anything new this week you would like to share ?
Even if you are new to your business don’t be shy!

 FRIDAY LIVE- Today is the day we encourage you to Jump in the group and go LIVE!

Break out of your comfort zone, leave the keyboard & press play!

Come and introduce yourself to the Tribe, Break your Fear of going LIVE it’s the fastest way to Network and have people get to know like & trust you xx
You’re in a safe place “Take the Leap Now”



Promote yourself to the TRIBE – Provide an offer for your products and services every Saturday!
We are here to support each other x.. ” Let’s go shopping “.



What are you doing today for self love? Relaxing or having fun?
Share with us or post a selfie for some Sunday Fun , lets get to know one another!


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