Ever heard the saying “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”?


It’s a common saying but what does it mean?
So many of us feel the fear, hit the terror barrier and step back into our comfort zones!
After all it’s much safer to be there isn’t it?

You see the difference between successful people and those that stay being afraid of that fear, is that they do feel the fear but they DO IT ANYWAY…

What is it in your life right now that’s holding you back? is it the interview, is it leaving your partner, is it caring what people think of you?

Is it chasing your dreams but you let confusion & fear step in your way?

It’s ok lovely! We all feel like that! Its normal trust me! …

I’ve shit my pants on many occasions (well not literally lol…)

But the passion & drive always pushed my past NOT GIVING A FUCK…

Quite often there’s something holding you back from moving forward and what you come up against is fear…

Fear of failing, Fear of being embarrassed, and caring what people think!

So quite simply you stay frozen in fear and you don’t actually move forward at all!
You come up with all the crazy ideas to STAY happy where you!

Actually it’s not that bad where you are, and so you settle for the way you are!


You see basically you let fear win…


It’s pretty cosy where you are right?

For the short term….

Till that mother fooker rears its ugly head again & tells you, you are destined for more!

You see let’s give that mother fooker another name for now…

Like your guardian angel x ….

Actually tapping you on the shoulder to say hey! There’s another way!

Success and abundance is waiting over here…

Would that feel better?

Of course it would! X…

You see Fear is a negative word and a negative emotion…

So why would you want to be a push past it?

It’s easy to stay right where you are and ignore it..


But as an adult you know now, you would push right past that negative little pee weed right?

There are emotions that we are meant to experience in life.

We are meant to stretch and grow and evolve, Simple!

All great things happen on the other side of fear……It’s proven…. I’m not going into the facts…

Rarr Rarr Rarrr, You already know this!

You’ve just gotta get over your own bullshit…. (You’re getting there gorgeous)..x

Especially after you’ve finished reading this mutha fooker!

So many happy positive emotions come shortly afterwards the breaking the fear barrier!





That feeling like I did it did I really just do that!

Almost feeling invincible!


Like you want to jump up and down and take on the world because you just pushed  through and did that very thing that you feared….

Now to be honest I’ve never jumped out of a plane,  it’s not really my thing,  well might’ve been 20 years ago..

Never say never, it was on my bucket list back then! ….

But I sure do understand the adrenaline rush that one must get, the build up with the fear taking off in the plane…(intense)

Wondering if you made the right decision?

Standing on the edge…

It’s a poopy pants TIME and you’re ready to take the leap!

You break through the FEAR and you JUMP!

There’s no turning back until you land (get to the other side of fear)…

I’ve heard the adrenaline rush is insane and everybody that does it is so glad that they did!

And quite often wants to do it again! ..…. 

(what i’m saying is start getting addicted to the joy that follows the final push) x..

Ever heard Bob Proctor talk about the Terra Barrier?


Similar scenario people coming up again against a brick wall hitting the territor barrier or stopping at fear… Please don’t let that happen to you!

Read How To Smash The Terror Barrier Here! 

Love this guy! huge inspiration of mine- read the full gig here x….

So what is it that you’re fearful of today?

What is it that you’ve been putting off?

What is it that’s amazing on the other side of your fear?

Are you going to let FEAR stop you and stand in your way?

Or are you going to face AND Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway?

All great things happen on the other side of your comfort zone on the other side of fear!

That’s a FACT! …


So I challenge you today …


Write a  list of all the benefits of walking through that wall of fear…

What’s on the otherside? ( So much Beauty)…

How would your life be different on the other side of what is , that’s holding you back?

Then Jump Take The Leap!  Feel The Fear Do It Anyway!


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Much Love Claire x

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