So how do you get out of your own effing way?


You know when you are completely stuck inside your own head, your mindset is down to zero, and you can’t seem to make the move forward, yet the only thing that is blocking you is actually yourself !

You have F.E.A.R. blocking you (False Evidence Appearing Real)

Yep! False Evidence Appearing Real, it’s complete bollox,  it doesn’t really exist you’re the one creating it!

Think about it…It’s all in your head….

You’re so excited about what you have to offer, you’re ready to launch, yet you’re completely stuck frozen and standing in your own fucking way……

You can’t even say move over bitch I’m coming through because the person you’re trying to move out of the way is you!

So how do you tackle this head-on?

Number one you have to realise this is NOT about you, it’s about the person you’re about to help!

Whatever it is you’re moving forward with a new venture, business idea, coaching mission,  you are doing it for the purpose to help somebody else !!

That person right now is somewhere waiting for you to pop into their life,  or their newsfeed or their email, with a solution to their problem.

Which by the way is your product or service, they are seriously waiting and needing your help x..

So while you’re dancing in the mirror wondering whether to make contact or not, get out there or not, make the call or not, playing inside your head with your screwed up mindset there is somebody waiting to hear from you…….Yes YOU!

Somebody that will be that relieved you came into their life,  you will wonder why you didn’t step forward sooner….

And so my friend this is one of the quickest ways for you to take the next action step,  look in the mirror and  say to yourself this isn’t about me!

And ask yourself…….

Who can I help today?


then repeat after me …….. “ I’m getting out of my own fucking way “


Great it’s that simple!!


Now Go Have a great day girlfriend and go  change some effing lives ! x

Stick a postie note on your mirror if need be, and write on it ” Who Can I Help Today? ”

always the best way to start your day… 

Much Love Claire x

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