How to create a business manifesto that kicks ass!

And why do we need one?

Having a business manifesto is a sure way to tell your clients and customers a bit about who your brand is, what you’re about and what your mission is.

It’s a great way to create a movement and presence in your market.

You create an identity , certainty and are ready to make an impact with your venture.

Business Manifesto….

A well-crafted business manifesto can portray the fundamental essence of your company it can be a beautiful piece of artwork or can be plain text getting straight to the point.

As well as simply looking pretty,having a cool business manifesto that kicks ass is a branded statement to you, your business and to the world.

  • What does your business stand for?
  • Does your business manifesto tell a story?
  • What do you and your business believe in?
  •  What do you not put up with?
The dictionary defines a manifesto as

“ a public declaration of intent “

Creating a manifesto is a brilliant way for you to clarify who you are, what your businesses is and where you are going!

Printing these beautiful artwork’s and framing them in your office is also something easy on the eye. And a sure way to keep you focused on your business.

Don’t be afraid to shout out in your manifesto what you believe in, what riles you and what you’re against.

More than anything else what do you stand for.

“A business manifesto is a bit like a mission statement but more powerful and more beautiful when it’s created an art form”

So how do you create one?

Search Google images there are plenty for you to get inspired by and then go and find a template.

Most graphic designers would be able to create you one at an affordable price.

The cheaper option is of course to create your own in a software like Canva.Com or Photoshop..

Alternatively if you would like one like mine feel free to email me or send me a private message and I will help you create your business manifestation statement and turn it into a piece of art…

Much Love Claire x

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