How many times have you been confused when wanting to make the right decision,  but you don’t know whether to go left or right?

You may be in a relationship with a partner or even a friendship and you’re not sure if to continue the relationship or not…

Or you may have a big decision in your career – Do you make the change or do you stay?

Quite often in life when these real big decisions arrive we get confused and have no clarity on which way to choose.

These decisions can keep you awake at night, they are so huge you can’t sleep!

You can also take week’s sometimes months to decide or make a decision even sometimes years..

Sometimes frustration anger and confusion sets in and so does procrastinatio..

Quite often this will lead to you not making the choice at all and staying exactly where you  are, with no growth in your life,  in a stagnant situation,  where you remain unhappy….

So How Can We Make The Right Decision?

And How Can We Move Forward When We Are In Such A Complex Dilema?


I want you to ask yourself a couple of simple questions when you’re ever in this position and they go like this….

Will this allow me to grow?

Will this be beneficial for my future?

If the answer is yes then choose it, go for it!

If the answer is no then don’t it’s that simple!


Let me give you another example…..

Let’s say it’s a relationship or a friendship that you’re questioning

Again ask yourself …

Is this relationship allowing me to grow?

If the answer is yes then keep it x

If this relationship is not allowing me to grow is not good for my future then say no and change it…..

Will this decision at work allow me to grow because for my future or will it not?


Now when you’re allowing the answers to come from your soul to make sure it is the right answer for you, it makes all the difference….

You must of course take some time out to spend with yourself first, find a quiet place, take some deep breathes..

You cannot answer a question like this as simple as it may sound if you are in a state of frustration confusion overwhelm or in a busy world of chaos, which is usually where you are when you are in a dilema!

You cannot make a quick decision rationally it needs to be a quick simple decision from a balanced stable mind and the honest answer has to come from within…


 So Let’s Get Some Balance First….


Go for a walk in nature
Do some meditation and take some time out
Move away  from your busy desk go sit under a tree
Do some breathing exercises and just become conscious, centred and balanced

And then ask yourself the question…

Is this allowing me to grow?

Will this allow me to grow?

Will this be beneficial for my future?


Big decisions are often hard because quite often we are choosing to either stay in a comfort zone or stretch outside our comfort zone….


To grow as a person whether it’s in Career, Relationship , Life or Business…We absolutely have to stretch outside of our  Comfort zone!


Next time you’re frazzled with making an important decision please try this technique!

You’ll always find your answer from within xx

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Much Love Claire x

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