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Hey Lovely let me ask you a question ?

Have you got the passion, you’ve got the ambition, you know you want to build a thriving heart centred business online…

But you’re stuck and don’t know where to start? 

With an ocean of different strategies, online courses and marketing knowledge to wade through, it can be difficult to know where to begin with it all.

How do you find your niche? Brand yourself online? How do you build an audience of people wanting your product or services ?

It’s overwhelming to say the least. Not to mention all the mindset work that comes along with becoming visible online…

  • What if people think I’m a fraud?
  • What if people think I suck?
  • What will my family think of me?

Are those thoughts serving you? No!

I’m here to help you let all of that stuff go, so you can gain absolute clarity, banish procrastination and move forward with the The Online Accelerator!

In short, if you’re ready to start taking the steps to build a presence online you’ll want to pay close attention to the rest of this letter… !

Introducing ” The Online Accelerator ”

I’ve created this program with women just like you in mind. Together we’ll harness the power of Facebook to create a rock solid marketing strategy that delivers results.

No more:

  • Guesswork about how to build an audience online and market yourself effectively
  • Struggling with not knowing what to post on social media
  • Focusing on the wrong things that WON’T move you any further towards your goals
Online Accelerator !

The Online Accelerator  is a transformational social media and mindset training program for female entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their true power and build a business that truly serves them.

This brand new course is delivered over 12 weeks and includes an orientation program, 10 modules and a 5 Day Video /  Live Challenge.

On top of that, you’ll receive exclusive live weekly Q&A  with me plus access to a small group of heart-centred women just like you who will be there to support you and cheer you on as we work through the modules together.

Sounds like fun hey?

Together we’ll have you moving out of your comfort zone so you can take concrete steps to build a thriving online business. No more procrastinating!

Unlike other courses that just dump the materials on you and leave you to figure it out on your own, Online Accelerator we will work through the weekly projects together.

You’ll be able to bounce ideas and get feedback from the other amazing ladies in the online community.  Holding hands, supporting & encouraging, You will meet incredible ladies who will become friends for life!

We’ll overcome challenges together , You’ll be supported every step of the way.

But this offer is only open to a select number, and once the spots are full that’s it.

I’ve designed it this way so I can work more deeply with each of these incredible women.

Will one of those women be you?

So what’s included exactly?

In order to make sure you gain the most leverage from this program, I’ve included weekly activities and worksheets to get you results!  Each module is designed to be worked through weekly, where we take ACTION , and actually get shit done TOGETHER !

Each Module training is designed so step by step each week. Your clarity and business presence comes to Life!

You will overcome any confusion that has been holding you back as all the pieces of the jigsaw come together.

Don’t worry it won’t be a huge time commitment, and you’ll be able to ask any questions that come up at the weekly live Q + A sessions with me.

The worksheets help you dig deep into finding exactly who you want to work with!

Get absolute clarity on your Brand, You Niche and your Target audience.

So you can move forward loving what you do… 

Let’s take a look at what’s covered  this  amazing program!

Orientation Week

During the first week you’ll master these 3 incredible orientation trainings where we dig deep.


  • Developing a rock solid mindset so you can overcome any challenge that gets thrown your way
  • Start incorporating my marvellous morning ritual to set you up for daily success
  • Master the fundamentals of doing business on social media

Removing Fear, Procrastination and conquering your mindset, after all success in business is 80% Mindset and 20% Skillset! So it makes sense to conquor this first right?

Of course nothing in the world can manifest untill you have worked on yourself first, Yep! You have to have complete alignment with what you are doing so you can attract more into your life…

Once you learn to set your intentions the universe will help you achieve them with much more ease & grace..

Then we dive straight into 10 more powerful modules, working through one per week is recommended!


How to Brand yourself like a Pro in a few simple step even if no one has heard of you before

VALUE: $199


How to find your Niche in a world of confusion, so you can move forward doing what you love!

VALUE: $199


Learn How to target and find your ideal AVATAR clients that want what you have to offer

VALUE: $199


How To Create your banner and images like designer without paying expensive fees!

VALUE: $199


How to create never ending content that keeps your clients coming back for more

VALUE: $199


The EASY WAY to schedule a full month of content in less than 2 hours!

VALUE: $199


Grow your following, get eyeballs on your offers with this EASY TO USE Facebook LIKES campaign

VALUE: $199


The “secret sauce” in providing the perfect solution to your customer’s problem and always have them coming back for more!

VALUE: $199


Understanding your competition so you can stay ahead of the game

VALUE: $199


Engage with your audience! Let’s go LIVE  with this 5-day challenge. Watch your confidence soar!

VALUE: $199
But wait there’s more! If you invest in this program in the next   2 day’s   you’ll also get these amazing bonuses!
Can you imagine learning all this, then being shown how to outsource it! So you can get back to doing what you truly love !

Early Bird Bonuses For Limited Time


How to outsource all your tedious tasks to a virtual assistant, saving you hours of time and money so you can get back to work doing what you truly love…


Breakdown your marketing goals and reduce the overwhelm with this annual schedule, proven to get you results time after time


How to create 12 months of content ideas in less than 2 hours and never run out of ideas again

 So Now it’s time to make the investment in yourself…

Are you ready to finally build your audience, confidence and online presence?

Let me ask you, where would you like to be in 3 months time?

Would you like to be more visible in your business online?

Or do you want to be exactly where you are now. Stuck, swimming in a sea of information and totally overwhelmed?

There’s never been a better time to join THE ONLINE ACCELERATOR!

Listen, my mission is to educate and empower you. I want to work with you to create a life and business you love. So I’ve made this program as value packed as I can at a price that is affordable to you.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and step out and shine online then you’ll want to take advantage of my very limited one time offer.

Grab your exclusive spot  in The  Online Accelerator for only $997
(The next time I offer this course it will be $1,997!)



SAVE 50 %  off  NOW BEFORE THE early bird PRICE EXPIRES and the launch price becomes $1,997 with no bonuses! 

 A Smart Investment…

As I mentioned before, there’s only a few spots available so I can give each one of my students the time and attention they need. Once the spots are full that’s it!

I won’t be offering the course at this price again. Like ever.  So if you’re ready to stop procrastinating and transform your life over the next three months then there’s no better time to start than now!

If you do the math (and don’t worry I’ve done it for you) the total value of this course is a Conservative $2786…and that doesn’t include the years I’ve spent in mastering this knowledge and packaging it up for you in a super concise, easy to implement and strategized way.

This isn’t your usual, run of the mill DIY business course either. Gain clarity and accountability with me and your fellow members, and together we’ll create real tangible change in your life.

Limited Spaces For A Limited Time !

Closing enrolment for this intake of “The Online Accelerator” Will be in 3 Days

So you really don’t want to miss out on this!

Days and Time Before it Closed








See what they say about me...

“I highly recommend coaching & working with Claire!
I had 12 wonderful sessions covering all areas of my life, which enabled me to see where I was out of balance.

It was amazing how recognising and working to improve all these areas helped propel and improve my life and my business.

I had a major breakthrough while working with Claire and I am now so excited about my future and the success I know this breakthrough will bring to my life and business this year!

Claire is super knowledgeable, super motivating and super inspiring. It’s truly has been a life changing journey xx”

Melanie Richards
Intuitive Energy Healer for Children

See what they say about me...

“As an Energy Healer and Transformational Coach myself, it is important for me to find the right combination of skills, openness and experience in a Coach that can bring out the best in me. Claire fit the picture!

I enjoyed her no nonsense approach with me and most of all, her affable nature! We had many laughs (during tragic moments) and she gave me solid exercises to help me get clear on my direction. Thank you for your support Claire.”

Lee Novak
Energy Healer & Coach

See what they say about me...

“Claire is a straight talker, quite direct and no nonsense kinda coach – Just what I needed. Her style and approach is conducive to getting results and I found her to be very knowledgable and helpful, particularly as I had ‘blocks’ with techie and social media stuff. She gave me guidance, but put the ball firmly in my court. I was then committed to getting things done by my next session. Claire fulfilled my expectation of holding me accountable, and I will definitely continue to use what I learned.
Thank you Claire! xx”

Sue Johnston
Aspire To Succeed Life Coach

See what they say about me...

“Claire showed me something amazing with the online world!
I was completely hopeless with technology and from her training I now have my own blog and very successful FB page. I am also able to access the cold market by generating leads daily – so I never have to stress about building my business EVER AGAIN!!!

Thank you Claire for showing me this opportunity! ❤️”

Leah Smith
Female Entrepreneur

See what they say about me...

“Claire is such a pleasure to work with. She’s taught me so much about how to speak with people and converting them to sales and customers. She has a beautiful heart, but is also results oriented which is what I need.
I highly recommend working with Claire – you will be very happy!”

Tracey Rose
Home Business Coach

See what they say about me...

“Claire is a fantastic coach to work with – firm and supportive. She’s great at what she does and really knows her stuff. Before working with Claire, I was fearful and overwhelmed about how to move forward building my business. Claire broke it down for me, gave me excellent tips and strategies and held me accountable to following through with the action steps. I now feel much more confident and comfortable moving forward and look forward to creating my online business.”

Rosanna Borruso
Life Coach

You Still Got Questions ? ……

Is this program for me? What type of business owner can benefit?

The Online Accelerator Coaching Program, is perfect for anyone still stuck on the ledge! You’ve been wanting to take your business online for a while, but don’t know where to start. Social Media overwhelms you. You may be a service provider, coach, consultant or Network Marketer. You’re ready to dig deep on your branding, niche and avatar, learn content creation, and start attracting more clients online..

Will I need more assistance beyond this program?

This program is designed to have you get results, you will work through all the blocks needed to take your business online, getting clear on your brand, niche, avatar, Content creation, scheduling, building an audience & online presence & much more! We dig deep together, you will learn how to start attracting more of your ideal clients, the ones you love the most. Lots of tools & templates and plenty of guidance. After completing this program, you will be up and out there confidently shining online as a female entrepreneur. However always encouraged to continue learning to reach the next level in your business.

What makes this program different from other online courses..

Most courses are your DIY style, you get to work through the modules yourself with group access along side other members, this can quite often feel like the blind leading the blind! This is a group coaching program, expect to see me!  We take action together through the modules for weekly success, have huge accountability for your to see visable results.

Which Business owners get best results?

Business owners who are ready to take action and take control over their online presence. Ready to make an impact, are looking for tools, guidance and resources to online accelerator. Ladies who are ready to grow their confidence, audience and online presence. These are the types of members that gain most from this program..

What if I don’t get any results? Do you give refunds?

I know that if you put the work in, you will get the results you crave. However, if you’ve worked through all the modules, done the work and shown up weekly, can show me your completed worksheets and are still not happy…I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

A Note From Claire

Incase you don’t know me, I’m Claire Carroll..

I’m an Online Business & Mindset Coach For women that know life begins at 40!

You see the internet changed my life and opened a whole new world of opportunity when I was 40! I love teaching other women how to take the leap move forward creating a lifestyle they truly deserve.

You have a unique gift to share, a niche to tap into, finding your groove, stepping out and making it happen is probably why you are here reading this …

I work with female mature-preneurs just like you, who know they are ready for more but don’t know where to start…..

Let’s create clarity not confusion, stop procrastinating and get ready to join us inside The Online Accelerator..

Are you ready to take action and create the lifestyle & business you truly desire?

It’s right in front of you, Let’s get to work x

Join me inside , I Can’t wait to share with you all the magic..


Claire Carroll

Online Business & Mindset Coaching with a Law of Attraction Twist…
For women who KNOW LIFE BEGINS AT 40!

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Daily Manifestation Guide To Success Positive Daily Actions To Raise Your Vibration & Attract What You Truly Desire…..

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