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Take the Leap Manifesto

Take the leap legends!

We are a power house of women, who chose to make a movement…
We know life begins at 40 online!
We know we can shine & reinvent ourselves, create businesses that serve others, while working around our families…
We link arms & encourage one another to grow, step out and take the leap!
We are action takers, we push through fear together…
We blend our business with our lifestyles!
Perfectionism & procrastination are a thing of the past, they do not serve us.

We know we are not the youngest on social media, but as mature women we go forth and follow our passion, we have experience in life and are ready to make a difference.
We are never too old to start again and shine online!

oin Our Facebook Tribe “Take The Leap Now- Maturepreneurs” This is a group of like-minded women that are ready to take the leap into the world of life and business online, designing lives we deserve.

Creating business, sharing our passion, building together, and encouraging each other to take the leap daily, step by step…

You’re never too late to find your voice to shine online and you’re never too old to start again..

Here within this group you will find a safe place to gather some free coaching in all areas of life, online business, mindset, social media marketing and Law Of Attraction.

After all we get what we think about most!

TAKE THE LEAP NOW, Is exactly about stepping outside your comfort zone and taking action to move forward daily / weekly to grow your business!

We will share challenges, tools, templates, info and cool stuff to inspire each other in life and business, this works by using the themed days…

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