Claire showed me something amazing with the online world!

I was completely hopeless with technology and from her training I now have my own blog and very successful FB page. I am also able to access the cold market by generating leads daily – so I never have to stress about building my business EVER AGAIN!!!

Thank you Claire for showing me this opportunity! ❤️

Leah Smith

Author & Entrepreneur

Before working with Claire, I was unsure of where to begin my online marketing.

Since working with her well designed program, I have gained a wealth of knowledge, tools and confidence to begin implementing my own online marketing.

Claire not only knows the tricks -of- the-trade, she also has the valued ability and patience to impart her knowledge in a way that is understandable.

I highly recommend Claire.

And if she offers additional courses/classes…I will sign up!

Pat Cowan

Master Life Coach

Whilst incredibly skilled in her industry and a highly sort after casting director, Michelle wanted to learn the online world. So she could coach and train virtually…

Within Weeks of working together, Michelle had inspring young actors booking and paying for her coaching consultations online.

Michelle now loves and embraces any technial challenges, and is confidently moving ahead with her online business.

Michelle Quin

Casting Director

Claire is a straight talker, quite direct and no nonsense kinda coach – Just what I needed. Her style and approach is conducive to getting results and I found her to be very knowledgable and helpful, particularly as I had ‘blocks’ with techie and social media stuff. She gave me guidance, but put the ball firmly in my court. I was then committed to getting things done by my next session. Claire fulfilled my expectation of holding me accountable, and I will definitely continue to use what I learned.

Thank you Claire! xx

Sue Johston

Aspire To Succeed Life Coach

As an Energy Healer and Transformational Coach myself, it is important for me to find the right combination of skills, openness and experience in a Coach that can bring out the best in me. Claire fit the picture!

I enjoyed her no nonsense approach with me and most of all, her affable nature! We had many laughs (during tragic moments) and she gave me solid exercises to help me get clear on my direction. Thank you for your support Claire.

Lee Novak

Energy Healer & Coach

I highly recommend coaching & working with Claire!

I had 12 wonderful sessions covering all areas of my life, which enabled me to see where I was out of balance.

It was amazing how recognising and working to improve all these areas helped propel and improve my life and my business.

I had a major breakthrough while working with Claire and I am now so excited about my future and the success I know this breakthrough will bring to my life and business this year!

Claire is super knowledgeable, super motivating and super inspiring. It’s truly has been a life changing journey xx

Melanie Richards, Australia

Spiritual Life Coach

Claire is such a pleasure to work with. She’s taught me so much about how to speak with people and converting them to sales and customers. She has a beautiful heart, but is also results oriented which is what I need.

I highly recommend working with Claire – you will be very happy!

Tracey Rose

Home Business Coach

Claire is a beautiful soul, Always available to help and support. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to personal development and business strategies to succeed. Successful in business & passionate about her knowledge and wisdom.

I am a mum and she has helped me kick start my business to a successful level, I could not of done it without her knowledge and support.


Professional Network Marketer

I have worked with Claire for short time and have found her to be a very good listener and has a wealth of knowledge and understanding though many different situations.

She is very good at persuading you to take action to achieve your outcomes and motivate and move you for your end results (after all this is what you want her to help you with)
Claire helped me to get clarity on where I need to be and are at in this present moment.

I would highly recommend working with Claire as a one on one coach or in a group environment. Thank you Claire x

Rita Stewart

Spiritual Healer

Claire is a fantastic coach to work with – firm and supportive. She’s great at what she does and really knows her stuff. Before working with Claire, I was fearful and overwhelmed about how to move forward building my business. Claire broke it down for me, gave me excellent tips and strategies and held me accountable to following through with the action steps. I now feel much more confident and comfortable moving forward and look forward to creating my online business.

Thank you Claire!

Rosanna Borruso

Life Coach

Before I had Coaching with Claire I was feeling overwhelmed and lost as to where to start in order to get back to building my business which was on hold for a couple of years.

During Our Coaching, I found the “aha!” moment was that I was creating my own unnecessary stress and overwhelm, mainly from an internal flurry of fearful thoughts, which was slowing down my progress more than the rest of my week’s schedule, which I had been blaming. Also, I discovered that where I left off with my business had me further along than I thought. Claire reminded me of this as well and her believing in me, helped me to really believe more in myself. She also gave me great practical tips for where to start promoting my business events.

Since our coaching, with Claire’s encouragement and suggestions, I have started setting up much more concrete plans for my dream business event which I’ve had just a vague idea about for a few years. Now, the event is closer to finally happening and now my dream business is on its way to being a reality in a couple of months, maybe less!

I would recommend coaching with Claire because she has a great knowledge and understanding of metaphysics, the law of attraction and the power of your thoughts to create what you want in business and in your life. Claire, also, has a great amount of experience that enables her to help people by providing practical social media tips for business growth and success!

Claire is a positive person with an obvious passion for helping other entrepreneurs to manifest their business dreams, at any age!

Lynn G

Brooklyn, NY, USA

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