Dealing With Being Overwhelmed When Starting Your New Business, I hear it over and over again from new women moving forward on their new venture.

They’re finishing a course and making plans to start their business and they become overwhelmed with how much needs to be done.

I was recently speaking to a new coach, she was coming to the end of her coaching and getting ready to be certified, she was still doing training coaching sessions lots of coursework and had a never ending list of things she needed to do for her business, from creating the logo to contracts, business names registrations and so on and so on..

I get it!

Finishing your studies and creating a new online business can be daunting! So much to do and where do you even start?

The first thing you need to do when Dealing With Being Overwhelmed s is stop breathe and break it down…



 I was hearing three areas of her life she needed to move forward in but she was working on them all at the same time! 

No wonder she was Dealing With Being Overwhelmed.

So together we created a Google Calendar when she blocked out her daily chores household chores time with the children etc we moved some spaces around.

From here she could block out three times a week to work on the three areas of her business. Coaching calls, Course work & building her business.

These blocks of time needed to be at least two hours as you cannot get into the flow and concentrate in any and anything less FACT..

These blocks of time you need to commit to and they need to be non-negotiable they cannot be moved.

Block number one what’s her hours of coaching sessions.
Block number two was to finish her course work.
Block the number three was to focus on her business

Within these hours she would work through her list each week only in the business block whether it was creating a logo, contracts, paperwork her business name and so on…..

In less than seven days this client went from overwhelm to completing another module in her coaching course, to more coaching client sessions and created her logo and came up with a business name.

Also found her head space had been free to download lots more inspired ideas to add to her business building list, Blocks removed and Action was in flow once again x

Overwhelm can be easily removed when you write everything down, offload it from your head onto paper then move it into sections of what is most important and then create blocks of time to do what needs to be done first..

One of the biggest things..

I find with overload and Dealing With Being Overwhelmed is where client has been educating themselves with a new course, New Idea and new business opportunity all at the same time!

They have become constipated with information this is what creates overload and a feeling of no clarity and not being able to think straight is the fastest way to confusion..

I call this “ Information Constipation”

Brain dump offload all your Ideas and everything you need to do onto paper, then prioritize one step at a time no interruptions and non-negotiable changes….

This can be used in any area of your life not just business,  at any stage when overwhelm arises use this process!

Now go and create those time blocks, offload, and tackle the most important head on!

If you’re Dealing With Being Overwhelmed in your business start up phrase feel free to connect or come and join our lovely ladies working together and supporting one another in our Facebook Group “Take The Leap Now” 

Much Love Claire x

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