Keeping it simple when branding yourself on social media,

Here’s 10 quick Social Media Tips to keep you on track!

1. Choose a fab looking photo the best you can find , It doesn’t need to be professional photo, but make sure your profile picture is NOT of your dog or your cat people want to know who they are dealing with..


2. Complete the about you section this is a cool way of you letting people know what you’re about, Share little bit of info about what you do, but keep it curious so people want to reach out and know more about you..


3. Run your newsfeed like a TV series where people want to watch you not like an informational page where you are going to repel people, don’t be too much sales! always deliver value not just advertisements, keep it to the eight 80/20 rule!…

4. Be You on steroids you don’t need to be over-the-top but make sure you’re in the mood have high energy entertain people, empower people, educate them and engage with them..


5. Use Videos they are like a 1000 times more effective than still images, boring still pages are no longer! LIVE  videos are taking over is the only way forward you need to be doing them if you want to stay ahead of the game..
6. Keep it clean keep your profile clean no trash he drunk and pictures, go and check all your previous past photo albums screen them and lock them, clean up your profile totally..


7. Be consistent your audience is watching you, build an audience keep them entertained, you need to be posting daily no less than twice a day and no more than five times a day..


8. Interact with your friends and followers, post a contest , when on your lives ask them to comment below so you can engage and interact with them and really get to know them..


9. If you want people to really know the true you get your fans on a monthly Q&A hang out with them where you can literally get to know you fans they can get to know you and your brand.


10. Start a Facebook group around your niche and product, people will open up more and chat within a closed group.


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